Top 5 Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students/Collegeious 2019

Top 5 Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students/Collegeious 2020

In Short Hacks: TextSheet was an online educational platform that used to provide Chegg solutions using a Chegg API. If you are a college / high school student, you will know the textsheet site. Isn’t it? It is so popular that each and every college student uses textsheet for their daily homework and assignments needs. I hope if you are reading this article, you already been a hardcore user of textsheet. In this article, we have been going to discuss the top Textsheet Alternatives of 2020.

Top 5 Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students/Collegeious 2019
Textsheet Alternatives For Students/Collegeious

Textsheet Alternatives:  For all those who don’t know what is textsheet? and why it’s so popular? let me give you a brief overview of what is textsheet? And why people are now looking for Textsheet Alternatives?

Textsheet is an online education site where any student can get help for their ongoing homework and assignments for free. There are a lot of premium sites available that provide the same functionality as textsheet but all of them are paid. Since textsheet is completely free to use and feature-packed many students loving textsheet and used it on a daily basis for their education needs.

Textsheet started getting popular among all the students and get millions and millions of traffic which in turn helps million of students with their assignments and homework. You may ask as textsheet is used by millions of people then what is the reason to wipe out the entire site out of the Internet? Your question is quite sensible and here is the answer. 

Textsheet provides answers to most of the student’s questions by rip off answers from other sites like Chegg. It uses a Chegg API to fetch all the answers for the student question and make a site out of it. But the users of the textsheet site have no idea about how they are getting the answers for their problems or from where they are getting the answers. A couple of months back textsheet site was blown out of the internet due to copyright infringement which was raised by the Chegg site.

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Reason for Textsheet Shutdown

After this textsheet has no other option than shutting the entire site down and they did the same. So, students have to find a new site which will help with their homework like textsheet and it is not an easy task. Most of the site which was considered as an alternative to textsheet are paid sites which every student cannot afford.

But don’t worry we are here to help you out. In this article, we are giving you the top textsheet alternatives which get all your questions answered without paying any money. Yes, there are some sites do exist. Without wasting any more time let us actually jump into the list of textsheet alternatives.

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Top Textsheet Alternatives Free 2020

1.COURSE HERO:top Textsheet Alternatives

A course hero is an online platform from which you can able to learn all the courses. You can easily get the answers to all your questions just by searching your question on the search box. It has also a feature to filter your question based on school name, subject name and many other options too. According to course hero, they have more than 25 million courses for students to learn which is really a huge number. If you ask what is the best thing with course hero, they are absolutely free to use. So why are waiting for? just head over to the course hero and get all your questions answered.


2. SLADER:Textsheet Alternatives

Coming to the next textsheet alternative actually, the best alternative of textsheet is slader. I mention it as the best alternative of textsheet because it has similar-looking UI and functionality of textsheet. You can easily get answers for all your questions along with the explanation like you used to get on textsheet. Also, they have both the free and paid version of their site. The only difference between the paid and free version is the free version has advertisements on every page ( which is not much annoying ) and the paid version doesn’t have any advertisements. If you looking for a perfect textsheet alternative with similar experience, give slader a shot you won’t be disappointed.


3. STUDY LIB:Textsheet Alternatives

Study Lib – As the name suggests, study lib is really a library for all your homework and assignments. The best part of the study lib is the diversity of subjects they provide answers for. You can take any subjects like Science, Maths, English, Polity and what not? They provide you the exact solution you are looking for with a precise explanation. If you don’t have any particular question and what to learn more on the subject, they are provided you with different sections from which you can explore the different questions of the subject of your choice. You can also contribute to the site if you are really good at a particular subject. Study Lib definitely is a community that helps to solve pupil’s homework, assignments and research papers as well. No matter which standard you are studying, Study Lib got you covered. So, do check them out.


4. CRAZY FOR STUDY:Textsheet Alternatives

Seems like a pretty cool site from the name Isn’t it?  Crazy for Study is a site that has a huge collection of questions answered for high school and college students. According to them, they have more than 50 million resources from which every student can get their required solution with an explanation.  Fifty million is an insane number Isn’t it? If you are done with your homework and want to explore more on that subject? Then you don’t need to move to any other sites as they offer you much online class on the subject you like for completely free. So, Crazy for Study is a go-to site if you want to learn more about a particular subject for free. 




Chegg has a lot of things to offer at a fraction of cost we get in anywhere in the bookstore. They offer book rental, online courses, course review, 24/7 support and what not? I forget to add one of the key features of the website which is the Math Solver. It gives you the step by step explanation for almost every problem. So if you find any difficulties while doing your homework no need to worry, Chegg got you covered.


These are our top alternatives for the textsheet. If you feel like we missed any of your favorite sites, do let us know in the comment section.

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